The mess

Equipped with large stone tables with infrared light grills, our secret underground hide-away, Viet Hoa Mess welcomes you!

All the dishes in the MESS MENU is served with rice paper, assorted salad herbs and vermicelli noodles.

Enjoy a 360 tour and explanation video of the mess at Viet Hoa!


Unforgettable Ambience

Unforgettable Ambience

If you are looking for a unique setting to feast with your party, you are in luck! In the basement floor of Viet Hoa Café, you will find our Mess dining lounge decorated with darker tones all around, providing you with a sanctuary from the bustle of the city and ensuring uninterrupted quality time of fun and delicious food.

In here, we celebrate Vietnam’s culinary distinction involving you and your company in the cooking process. Just grab a pair of tongs and get intimate with your food, chef! All you need to do is round your 5 other friends to be at least 6 and call in advance!